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Let's face it: your septic system is complex and performs an essential function. A new system is a solid investment, but a poorly installed system is like flushing away money.

Done Legally & Properly

We ensure the proper filings are done, and will guide you on how to keep your new system running for decades.

Experience & Certifications

We design and build the septic system that is right for the size of your house, your ground, and your future plans.

Protects the Environment

You need a worry-free system that won't cause an environmental nightmare or upset the neighbors.

Why Choose Us for Your Septic System

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Cowichan Valley Septic

We know that you want to flush your toilets and not worry. To do that, you need a septic system that will last for decades.

The problem is that new septic systems are complicated, and potentially a large investment. A poor investment can make you feel like you are flushing money away.

We believe that your property and your situation are unique, and your system must be done right, for your circumstances.

We understand that you don't want the surprise of costly repairs - which is why we strictly follow the legal and environmental regulations.

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Septic System Installation - How it Works

  1. Call Us

    Tell us about your property and plans

  2. Site Visit

    We visit your property to measure and test; then we design the best system for you

  3. Legal Filing

    We file the design plans with Island Health to assure them your system will not be a health hazard

  4. Install & Guide

    We install your new septic system and guide you on how to keep it running smoothly for decades

About Cowichan Valley Septic

Expert septic system installers for southern Vancouver Island

At Cowichan Valley Septic we are fully certified with over 30 years experience of designing, planning, and installing septic systems in the Cowichan Valley.

Our mission is to provide you the best value with the least impact on your property, while installing the best system for your situation.

We personally hand deliver the design plans of your sewage system to Island Health to get it date stamped. We provide a Letter of Certification to you the homeowner and VIHA, the Vancouver Island Health Authority. This is our assurance that the design and construction of your septic system will not cause or contribute to a health hazard.

The plans and letter stay on file in case decades from now you or a future homeowner want to do construction on the property, there is a record of the original work.

Request a free consultation today so you can stop worrying and instead be comfortable with your investment in a new septic system.

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Steve and Marty
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What septic system is best?

A: There are three main types of septic systems. The best system for you depends on the size of your house, the condition, soil, slope and location of your property, the plant and ecological health of the surrounding area, and your future development and landscaping plans. We do a site visit, measure, and test, and talk with you before we design your new septic system.

Q: What can happen if a septic system is not professionally installed?

A: If a septic system is not installed properly, it can be disastrous. It can fail or collapse prematurely, leading to untreated wastewater contaminating groundwater, damaging your property and the surrounding area, and making people and animals sick.

Southern Vancouver Island Communities We Serve

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  • Cassidy
  • Cedar
  • Chemainus
  • Cobble Hill
  • Cowichan Bay
  • Cowichan Valley
  • Crofton
  • Deerholme
  • Duncan
  • Glenora
  • Honeymoon Bay
  • Koksilah
  • Ladysmith
  • Lake Cowichan
  • Malahat
  • Maple Bay
  • Mesachie Lake
  • Mill Bay
  • Sahtlam
  • Saltair
  • Shawnigan Lake
  • South Nanaimo
  • Westholme
  • Youbou
Onsight Tree Services

Cowichan Valley Septic and Onsight Tree Services are complimentary services providing care and attention to detail to protect your property.